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SB X DP - M.O.D. Tribute

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Duane “Master of Disaster” Peters is in a spot and needs our help..sure he’s burned his own bridges and he’s his own worst enemy, but he brought so much to skateboarding that we owe him a little assistance. None of us are exempt from life’s twists and turns. Thanks in advance for helping out.

-1st Run of 60 Autographed and numbered Red & Black Stripe model SOLD OUT via Pre-Orders.

*ETA is around 8 weeks.

We will do a 2nd run of Red & Black Stripe model asap,

Place your 2nd run Pre-Order NOW!

10.5 x 33.5 x 16wb x 6.5 Nose x 6.75 Tail, 6-ply maple plus Shiny Red Formica bottom ply, punk-point, steep concave, wheelwells, routed grab rails, and “Boat” rails.

Pre-Order now and save.