Can I Buy Skaterbuilt Decks From My Local Shop?
  • At this time we only distribute online & via a limited number of local suppliers. Check out our partners page to see if they have any in stock.

    What Makes Skaterbuilt Boards Different From Reissue Decks?

    • Our decks have blended the tech and concave of the modern era of skateboarding with the wide boards of the early 80's. 

    What Size Trucks Do I Need For My Boards?

    Can Kids Ride Skaterbuilt Decks?

    • While our boards tend to be on the larger side, we've had groms of all ages rep our decks over the years.

    Should I Wear A Helmet While Skating? 

    • Skateboarding can be a dangerous sport. We recommend wearing protective gear while riding.

    Will I Get Grip Thumb From Cowtongue Griptape?

    • You most certainly will. And your mom might have to bandage it. 

    Can You Flow Me A Free Board?

    • No. We are not your mom, we will not send you free boards.