Formica Boards

Skateboarders are a demanding bunch. That's why we've built our boards to stand up to even the toughest riders out there.

Skaterbuilt decks start with 6 ply’s of laminated maple vaneers. Then, we add a thin layer of Formica to the bottom as the 7th ply to give it extra added stiffness, durability and slickness.

Typically durability like this takes a considerable amount of extra weight; however, we've been able to keep ours light by adding the thinnest layer of formica laminate into our decks. 

Why change the game?

Most standard skateboards are composed of 7 ply’s of laminated maple, which is the most common type of wood used for skateboards. It's made by gluing together multiple layers of veneer and then pressing those layers together into a single sheet.

If you've been shredding long enough you're likely familiar with the sound of a board snapping in half...or maybe you've even focused a deck or two after a particularly challenging session.

The problem with 7-ply maple is that it's simply not strong enough to withstand the abuse of everyday skateboarding. We set out to create a deck construction method that allowed for added durability without compromising on flexibility and weight.

How we do it

Skaterbuilt uses a thin layer of formica to give our boards extra durability and slickness. Formica is durable, lightweight, and has a smooth surface that helps prevent your skateboard from getting caught on uneven ledges, chipped coping, or many other undesirable hazards associated with boardslides and lip tricks.

We use this material because it allows us to build boards that are long-lasting without sacrificing style or performance. What you get is a deck that is built to last.

Boards that are built to outlast the rest

Formica is a tough material that can withstand the abuse of skateboarding.

It's also lightweight, which means you're not compromising on board feel unlike other non-traditional deck constructions.

If you're looking for a durable and slick deck, look no further than Skaterbuilt. We pride ourselves on our high-quality boards that are built to last.

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