Gnarly Concave

Skaterbuilt set out to create the gnarliest concave in the industry and we've been doing it for over 20 years.

The Steve Alba “Bevel” stood out amongst all other decks in the early to mid 80’s with it’s deep and linear concave; which would become the precursor to our signature OG Pig The Bevel was a particular favorite of davO after seeing the one his good friend and skate partner Tim Metz rode during g his days as a Santa Cruz sponsored am. It was this deck in particular that motivated davO to commission skate pool owner and grand wood craftsman Kelly Bellmar to build the deepest, linear, and most kick ass concave ever in skateboarding’s history..the coveted SB1/Bellmar Concave mold.

What is concave?

Concave is the curvature of your deck. There are many degrees of concave; but the three main types are mellow, medium, and steep. While our boards come in various concaves, we pride ourselves on our world-famous deep linear SB1/Bellmar mold.

What does concave provide?

When you're skating, concave can provide two important functions: First it provides increased grip and control. By providing a depression down the center of the board, your feet are locked into place for maximum performance. Secondly, concave makes a skateboard more rigid; making it last longer, retain it’s pop longer and not as easy to break. Our deep concave adds maximum strength and longevity to our decks.

Skateboarders love concave.

Concave is one of the most interesting elements of skateboard design-at least if you ask davO. It's what makes a board feel comfortable under your feet and can help you skate to your true potential.

Straight up, concave is one element of skateboarding that is here to stay. 

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