Classic Skateboard Shapes

Skaterbuilt’s classic shapes and designs helped change modern skateboarding.

Skaterbuilt was the first skate company to produce “Pig” style skateboards in the modern age with introduction of our 12” wide OG Pig and 10” Piglet models. We were the first to reintroduce decks with differing nose and tail templates and dimensions. Founder Dave Hegstrom started having them manufactured in the mid to late 90’s-at a time when everyone had the same popsicle shaped boards, tiny wheels..and baggie pants!

Reintroducing the classic Snub-nose shape.

Skaterbuilt was also the first skateboard company to reintroduce the “snub-nose” shape and design to the modern skateboard world’s consciousness.. In 2002, we collaborated with “The Layback Master” and original Bones Brigader, Jay Smith to recreate his classic snubnose decks using some of his late-70’s templates from his widely acclaimed Powell Peralta models. We produced 4 different models for Jay over the years-which all sold-out quickly and became known as modern classics.

Popularizing and exaggerating the Punk-nose shape.

Skaterbuilt became amongst the first to popularize the “punk-nose” shape and design. Punk-noses are simply a rounded nose that comes to a distinct point. However, we exaggerated the design with the introduction of our very popular VRS (Vert Rider Series) models. The VRS III deck stands out amongst any other punk-nose shape ever-as it had a wickedly pulled-in template reminiscent of a modern day needle-nose or no-nose surfboard. This design, although sharp and sometimes dangerous; proved itself in it’s performance because it made the front end of the deck really light and super east to maneuver. It also made for a killer weapon or “spoke-spoiler” for in the way BMXer’s. No one, but no one would think about snaking you if you were riding one of these decks. 

Bringing back the Side-cut design.

In 2003, Skaterbuilt brought a classic feature known as the “Side-cut” back to modern skateboarding. In addition to the the punk-nose; our VRS (Vert Rider Series) models featured classic side-cuts. Side-cuts are distinct tapers or notches usually placed in the upper-middle of the rail. Their main purpose serves as giving the deck template even more shape and difference between nose and tail width and design. When placed in the correct spot, they also serve as a great place along the rail to aid in grabbing for airs. In 2005, we produced the Mockingbird and collaborated with Pearl Jam’s bassist Jeff Ament..both decks quickly became recognized as classic modern day side-cuts.

The reemergence of the classic Fish-tail.

In 2003, Skaterbuilt came out with the Cult series model-which later became the SkaterCult series. These decks featured the classic and super-functional “Fish-tail” design, which made for extremely grippy foot placement with its extra added width in the the tail area. In the years to follow, we went onto producing many more fish-tail decks such as the Tim Metz Parkrider, the SkateMaster Tate Tribute, the Old Bro series, and most recently, the Bowlrider model. All of which made it apparent that the fish-tail is here to stay and still is considered by many to be the standard and go-to design amongst the OG’s. 

And Skaterbuilt isn’t done yet..

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