tim metz
one of the smoothest skaters ever.
This shot and the one above it were taken in August 06' at Volcom-Costa Mesa Skatepark.
Young Tim Metz - sponsored by NHS/Santa Cruz Skateboards at age 13.
The above shots are of 13 year old Tim Metz street-skating CSULB campus.
The shots below are of Tim at Andy's Ramp in LB-circa 83-84'.
Did this guy have some rad moves and killer style or what?


The above shots are of Tim killing Tom's Ramp in LB circa April 85'.
Dude owned it and had all the rad tricks.
The above shots are of Tim riding for Alva Skates in 86' -thanks to his protege Eddie Reatiqui.
Eddie brought TA, Hosoi, Mondo, Duncan, and Chip to our LB ramp...and when TA saw Metz skating-his frickin' jaw just hit the ground.
Tim slips a winning lien air-sporting a fine hessian wig.  KEY.
Tim busted stylish (around the knee) frontside airs on his handcrafted First Offense deck.
Proto-Tim had style for a mile...